By constantly putting myself out there, challenging myself at work, and trying out new activities I have learned a few things about failure and how to handle it with a more constructive and kind approach.

First of all, failure is feedback showing what didn’t work and how to tweak it…

Putting labels on others based on quick glimpses is something that we all do, more or less, especially on social media. Because it allows us to quickly make sense of others.

However, when you put a label on people, it limits how you view them. It also limits your curiosity…

Everywhere we can read about transformational journeys. People share “how it started” and “how it ended” to show the trajectory of their personal growth journeys.

But why is it so little written about the “in-between” phase?

About the fact that most of people’s lives in trying to achieve their own…

Everyone has traits that ruin things for them in life.
Some people believe that these traits are the inherent part of their personality. Which is fair enough.
The others are convinced that their character is under the influence of their star sign. That is completely understandable too because it makes talking about…

I personally believe that interpersonal relationships sit above physical and mental health in terms of importance. Because most of our issues stem from unhealthy human interactions.

And on the contrary — our level of happiness is determined by how great our human interactions are.

Ever heard of 1+1=11? It happens…

Too many people don’t want to take full responsibility for their own lives and happiness and are subconsciously hoping for someone to come and make them happy.

This “come and rescue me” mindset though is such a wrong move.

Because not only it stops you from progressing, it actually just drags you back and then turns you into an enteral moaner and chronic complainer.

Therefore, stop expecting and waiting for something to happen.

Make it happen!

And remember it’s not a miracle, a superpower or gene only certain people have — it’s a mindset of an independent adult which really makes life easier.

Absolutely anyone can do it!

Spoiler alert: trying to be strong is a bit of a rocky road. But don’t let that stop you!

Are you a chronic complainer?

I have always been a “month in advance planner” since I was very young. I don’t know it is my star sign or personality or circumstance. But I loved scheduling tasks for exact times in life and at work and sticking to the plan. I felt angst without a plan…

We CAN change.

We CAN do better over time.

We CAN become stronger than we ever imagined.

But strength doesn’t come from what we can do. It comes from overcoming the things we once thought we couldn’t.

Several years ago I was stuck in a very dark place and I…

Habits and routines are our friends — when they’re good ones. They help us keep projects and tasks on track with minimal mental effort. They help us relieve stress, free up time and energy. They help us repeat effective behaviors and build consistency in our lives.

But an effective behavior…

I know that some people fear adding structure to their lives because they worry it will restrict their freedom, hamper their ability to be spontaneous and creative. They usually say “routines are boring”, “habits limit your freedom, “we only live once”. …

Natasha Sniehirova

I believe that having a growth mindset plays a key role in successful life

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