Don’t wait to respond to text messages.

Don’t purposefully act aloof. ⁣

Don’t act like you don’t care. ⁣

Don’t be unemotional.

Don’t hold back.

And definitely don’t pretend to be what you are not.

It’s crazy how the result we want is connection and to be authentic, and the way we often go about it is to hold back and act distant.

And it’s probably because of our society, where a sensitive person is just considered weak. So we tend to show half of what we are as a sort of coping mechanism.

But this is a pattern to break. Because expecting someone to chase you while expressing indifference is a recipe for disconnection.

So if you are seeking connections, act like you care.

Express your interest.

Put your entire self out there.

Be compassion. Be understanding. Be forgiveness. Be joy.

Simply be all those things that you wish to see more of in the world. Because what you are, you will attract more of.

Now tell me honestly, how have you been? Did you get a chance to miss my posts?

I believe that having a growth mindset plays a key role in successful life