How often do you hear people say “crazy busy”?

Too many times I’m sure.
Well funny enough people say so when they are trying to avoid themselves, or avoid other people. Avoidance in both cases is weak and lead to nothing.

So if you find yourself constantly saying “crazy busy”, change your mentality and stop making yourself busy or pretending to be busy.

Manage your time effectively! Schedule your work tasks and post-work activities. Leave hours open for your loved ones. Leave hours open for yourself and stick to the routines that you have created. There will always be more work to do. But if you are going to last long term you need to to make time for people and activities that you love. In fact, your performance at work will be much better if you are energized and healthy!

And remember the moment you begin to cheat on things on your schedule everything will fall apart, if not now then eventually. So try to see your life as a cake where every piece is needed to make it whole.

Besides, there is no merit in being “crazy busy”. It says nothing about your status in life or about your importance. So take off your busy badges.

Of course, YOU may be really busy so thanks for taking the time to read!

I believe that having a growth mindset plays a key role in successful life