How to stop letting your past ruin your present

So many of us live with our focus rooted in the past. Most of the time it is because of earlier insecurities, rejections, and failures.
But even if you have a complicated past that is difficult to forget, you are only borrowing time from yourself when you let past toxic situations that happened to you before dictate how you see and live in the here and now.

So here, I am sharing two questions that I ask myself in order to keep my past from ruining my present. And it is surprising how useful it is to keep asking these questions! Each time, my answer became more precise:

1 Am I expecting a bad outcome because I have received signs — here and now — that point towards it, or am I expecting bad based on past disappointments that I bring with me to my now because that is what is already known to me?

2 Do I see and react to this situation through an old lens, that has been shaped by past experiences, or do I view this objectively how it really is?

If your answers are related to the past then all you keep doing in life is recreating more of everything that has been, yes all the unpleasant things too. And so you should do everything you can to forget about the known and open your mind up to the unknown good things!

I believe that having a growth mindset plays a key role in successful life