Everywhere we can read about transformational journeys. People share “how it started” and “how it ended” to show the trajectory of their personal growth journeys.

But why is it so little written about the “in-between” phase?

About the fact that most of people’s lives in trying to achieve their own personal growth and development were spent on a plateau, where things didn’t seem to be getting better.

First and final phases could be brief. But “in-between” phase may seem like forever. And this is exactly where we spend the overwhelming majority of our time!

So lets not forget that the feeling of being stuck with your progress is really, really common. Most people, regardless of their goals, can relate to this feeling!

And if this is like you are feeling right now. If you feel like you’ve made lots and lots of progress in the past and now it feels a bit flat. If you are not improving as quickly as you want to. Then what you need to do is to embrace this “in-between” phase. Be more patient and keep pushing through. Realize that you don’t have to get to the final phase, wherever it is, immediately.

And remember the caterpillar has to go through it’s transformation in order to set its wings free, as do we!

I believe that having a growth mindset plays a key role in successful life