It takes change to change

Habits and routines are our friends — when they’re good ones. They help us keep projects and tasks on track with minimal mental effort. They help us relieve stress, free up time and energy. They help us repeat effective behaviors and build consistency in our lives.

But an effective behavior or habit can sometimes turn into a bad habit. And when it happens, it is important to understand that we do not have to remain stuck there. We can change!

The human brain is wonderfully plastic and changeable, throughout life. Look around! Some make dramatic mid-life career changes and master new skills. Others hit reset after years of unhealthy living.

However, patterns are only broken once we respond differently in a given situation from what we’re used to.

So we just have to pay attention to any habits, patterns, and personality traits in general that we no longer want to have and then make ourselves respond differently. Especially when we wanted to act within the same negative limits as we have done before — the same old behaviors that inevitably predict and decide our future based on our past.

Choice by choice, step by step. The more times a new positive response or action is repeated, the more cemented it is in the brain and going back to our old bad habits will no longer be an option!

I believe that having a growth mindset plays a key role in successful life