Reframing failure by feedback is key for success

By constantly putting myself out there, challenging myself at work, and trying out new activities I have learned a few things about failure and how to handle it with a more constructive and kind approach.

First of all, failure is feedback showing what didn’t work and how to tweak it for the next attempt.

Second of all, instead of looking at failure as something that ruins things for you, look at it as a time saver. Failure saves you hours, days, years. It saves you from spending precious time on things and ways that don’t work.

Thirdly, from my experience more frequently we fail not because we’re bad or incapable, but because of life circumstances. However, when we fail it is hard to see the bigger picture and to remind ourselves that most things in life are way beyond our control and that timing plays a major role.

And lastly, if you train your brain to take at least one lesson from every situation you go through it will not take failure as a negative but as an opportunity for growth. Thus your brain is always finding ways to grow and nothing negative is really a negative!

Bottom line, if you think you failed then you did and if you think you simply got feedback then you did. What do you choose?

I believe that having a growth mindset plays a key role in successful life