See your workplace as a place for peace

We always ask everyone to see their workplace as a place for peace.

Yes you might have a hard time at home, but please, the moment you get on your computer, leave your problems outside. Not only because of work and performance, but most importantly do it for yourself.

Especially if you are currently going through a hard time. Because sometimes it’s so easy to forget when you’re in the middle of the darkness is that everyone goes through it! You think that is only happens to you and everyone else is so happy. You’re a victim. But with this attitude the darkness won’t make room for light!

So stop seeing yourself as a victim!

I can guarantee that a least (!) one of your colleagues or friends goes through something difficult right now, just like you might do. Some do in silence, without anyone noticing. And just the fact that you’re not alone can do miracles to your wellbeing!

So please, give yourself at least one place where you can just be here and now. Not in your thoughts. Not in your past or future. Give your worrying or grieving mind break for some time of your day!

I wanted to say it to you all as well because I thought if I can help 1 person with this words, typing this long text is worth it.