Speak your truth with compassion

Most people feel so good about their honesty that they don’t even notice they are losing tact. Want to speak your truth? Awesome! But do it with compassion.

That’s why I like the saying :
“Before you speak let your words pass through three gates:
Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?” And it definitely applies to both personal and professional worlds.

Want to express your honest feelings, thoughts, and perceptions? Say it, text it, email it, but warn the other person first.
Perhaps it isn’t the best thing to do in a first message. Especially if it is a message of truth that is critical or challenging for the other person to hear or receive. Do it after you warn the person so he or she will be ready to handle it better.

Also, before giving feedback, especially when nobody asked you to, get their permissions first. Ask something like ”Hey, I have some thoughts based on my experience. Would you mind if I share?” Because not everyone needs our two cents, as valuable as they may be.

And remember it’s furthermore ok to tell your friends and colleagues to warn you before they tell you/send you negativity. That is how we can truly help each other.