Putting labels on others based on quick glimpses is something that we all do, more or less, especially on social media. Because it allows us to quickly make sense of others.

However, when you put a label on people, it limits how you view them. It also limits your curiosity and interest, because you think you already know who they are.

Thankfully, applying labels is something that can be avoided — admit that you do it, be open to change your mind, take your time to read someone’s words and remember that humans are more than what meets the eye.

For example, my person is full of ‘extremes’ that don’t really fit together and especially don’t fit in the size of one label, well, that’s according to a world of labels and society. According to me they fit perfectly since they are all part of my person.

And if my person can make others think twice before they put a label on someone based on looks or quick glimpses, then I’m being part of a change that I wish to see in this world.

Stop. Putting. Labels.

I believe that having a growth mindset plays a key role in successful life