If you feel like it’s your job or purpose to fix people, make them better, less harmful and more appealing, read this quote:

“Assuming it’s your job to fix, change or heal other people often says a lot more about your needs than it does about theirs.”

This hits hard, huh?
Being the person who always tries to heal people around me. And reading that when you want to save or heal something in someone else is often a reflection of what in yourself really just needs healing, couldn’t have been a more important read for me.

However, I’ve also noticed that when I talk with others and try to help heal them, I end up healing myself in process. Yes, sometimes I open wounds in myself, but it lets me know there is an injury that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t engage in deeper conversation.

So I think everything in balance. And now I just need to learn how to pick my healing battles so to speak. Because I can give others me at the expanse of my own well-being. But anything that happens at the expense of your own well-being is just wrong!

The bottom line is, helping and healing is good as long as it doesn’t harm you more than heal you back.

Do you feel like it’s your job to fix everyone around you?

I believe that having a growth mindset plays a key role in successful life