The quality of your life depends on your relationships

And there is only one way to build good relationships with others and that is in its most honest, real, and pure form. So spend time investing in conversation, in knowing people, in building the depth of your network. Be an active listener. Ask them meaningful, thought-provoking questions.

Also, don’t forget to consciously audit who is in your life bearing in mind where you want to go.

This is especially important if you are on a constant self-development journey. Keep the type of people who don’t let you settle, who push you forward, and who challenge you to dive into the depths of who you can become. But distance yourself from anyone who tells you that you are thinking too big or they want you to play small.

For me personally, the phrase “Surround yourself with people who would mention your name in a room full of opportunities” is quite spot on what good relationships are. I think of my environment and closest friends and just know that they would be the first to mention my name in a situation like the one stated above. And I always want to be a person who mentions my friends in a room full of possibilities as well.

And my question, as you look at who currently surrounds you is: is that good news?

I believe that having a growth mindset plays a key role in successful life