There is no self-development without self-awareness

In a world that in some ways is driven by people’s ego and shameless behavior, the first quality I aim to possess and the first quality I look for in others is self-awareness.

You have to be able to admit when you are being the toxic one. You have to be able to admit when you are blaming others. Blame is great for your ego but it is not great for your future. You have to get honest with yourself to overcome those toxic behaviors you’ve acquired.
And then just take full responsibility for your life, yourself, behaviors, wellness, etc. (even if all the damage wasn’t your doing). Because when you take responsibility you can learn and move on and no one else is harmed.

Life is so much easier when you are aware of what’s keeping you from moving forward!

So yeah, it’s impossible to beat self-awareness. This thing just can’t be replaced or be valued highly enough. Agree?

I believe that having a growth mindset plays a key role in successful life