To everyone currently “sacrificing” a lot of things for your goals and career

I’ve been there too. Many times. Said “no” over and over again to fun invitations.

But truth is, you are not missing out on anything if what you’re busy doing is focusing and working on your goals!

Yeah I know, doing whatever you want for some might sound tempting, especially if you’re in a busy period right now in your life. But trust me, you wouldn’t want to change a life of purpose for a completely carefree life if you really had the choice!

Let’s say, for example, you’ve spent the week having fun, sleeping in, and doing whatever you want to do. I think in that scenario Friday certainly won’t feel so great. Fridays are so great only because we’re leaving a week of work and focus behind.

And some of you might have tried to do it and just have fun for a longer period, but I’m sure that you noticed that it isn’t that fun after some time. Because you will soon feel that you didn’t “earn” that fun — if you know what I mean?