Treat promises to yourself as seriously as promises to others

Ok time for me to present an absolute game-changer in life!

And no. I’m not going to sell you anything that will pay my own expenses. That’s not the kind of page that this is. I promise you.

“I promise…”

We have all said this phrase time and time again. And if you are like me, I’m so big on following on my word, then you know when you tell others you’re going to do something — you just have to keep that promise.

But why don’t we do the same thing for ourselves?

Keeping promises to ourselves is an equally important skill, if not the most important one! Because when we keep promises to ourselves, we become a better, more fully realized version of ourselves, which benefits not only us but also everyone around us.

But breaking those promises leads to the loss of trust and love for yourself. Because would you trust and love the external person that continually broke their promises to you?

So. Establishing integrity with yourself is the key.

Start by making one small promise to yourself and stick to it with 100% integrity. And also tell yourself every day: “I do what I say I’m going to do FOR ME” , “I can do it for ME and I’m worthy.” Words have power and so do small daily wins and little senses of accomplishment. Seriously! You start with convincing yourself mentally and then gradually start believing it and then it becomes your new reality!

It’s time to start showing up for yourself, not just the others!

How many times have you made a promise to yourself and broke that promise?