You don’t owe to anyone to be the same You

Everyone has traits that ruin things for them in life.
Some people believe that these traits are the inherent part of their personality. Which is fair enough.
The others are convinced that their character is under the influence of their star sign. That is completely understandable too because it makes talking about negative character traits less intimidating. It is much easier to talk about being a Scorpio than about being emotionally repressed, for instance.

But most of us accept them as a part of our person, a part that is almost impossible to get rid of.

But who said that we need to stick to traits just because we have had them for a long time?

And I would love to be your proof that one can change! My whole life I’ve been highly reactive. But around a year ago I decided that this part of me is not the Natasha I want to be. And I started breaking the habit of being myself and creating the “me” that resonates more with the person I am today. The Natasha I’ve become is a more calm person and I see this change the most in my relationships with others.

So now I can say that we can get rid of things about our person that we are sick of, traits that ruin things for us and most importantly ruin our life and we better!

I believe that having a growth mindset plays a key role in successful life