Your internal monologue matters

What some don’t understand is that how you talk to yourself while doing something that perhaps goes against your healthy lifestyle will decide how that affects your health.

For example, eating unhealthy food and being obsessed in your mind about being unhealthy — will inevitably affect your body in a negative way. However, eating it and enjoining it, and not obsessing about it being unhealthy — will help your body to handle it way better. There’s quite a lot of evidence supporting this and research has shown that it works this way.

So how you decided to treat yourself is totally up to you. Just don’t feel guilty about treating yourself and don’t give yourself a hard time after treating yourself. Nothing good will come from that, quite the opposite.

Bottom line is, always be nice and kind to yourself. And this is especially the case if your self-talk is regularly overcritical. Speak only loving words over your life, because it is hard to be shiny, happy, healthy when “someone”, meaning you, is mean to you all the time.

I believe that having a growth mindset plays a key role in successful life